Our name speaks for itself...
why we are a premium choice when it comes to UHT dairy.

With so many 'confusing' choices globally for UHT milk today, its hard to know the level of quality and integrity of these products. Australia’s dairy products are second to none in purity and freshness. Australia’s unique natural isolation and strict quarantine promotes the integrity of premium dairy manufacturing standards. This is why it makes sense to choose 'Pure Fresh Milk' as your premium source of UHT dairy intake,

Pure Fresh Milk is 100 % made in Australia and is a 100% natural product, produced and farmed in the premium rainfall regions of Australia allowing dairy cows to graze peacefully on natural green pastures.

  • Its your HEALTH
  • Its your family’s WELL BEING
  • Dairy from Pure 'Fresh' delivers your family the award winning BEST

Pure Fresh Milk is packed within 24 hours of leaving our farms to retain the fresh taste you love.


Manufactured by: Pactum Dairy Group Pty Ltd, 1/102 Old Dookie Road, Shepparton VIC Australia. Establishment No. 2154